Tuong's Rebellion Tuong's Rebellion

1546 A.A.(1)
The Earth and the World State are dealing with constant battles against anarchic parties. Once disorganized, these parties began to cooperate in battle as a way to destroy World State authority and, given that, to claim its territory to plunder.
When an alien race decided to help humankind with its internal conflicts, Tuong accepted to became part alien. That improved his physical performance and helped the integration of alien knowledge and methods into the battles over Earth territories.
But the alien help was after all only a mean to prepare the domain over another world: the Earth. Tuong finds out about it and cannot be a part of it anymore.

(1) After Apocalypse
(Translation by Armando Frazão and Tânia Oliveira)

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Sketches and ilustrations
Sci-fi Dreams Pendant Mountain Atomizable carbon sword Action Separators Note of a dying soldier. Terrain map of where Tuong played his last card.
Context articles

- Story's Characters
- War Ships - Shoebox
- Alien Technology - Magneto-crystallization
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Inspired in yet another dream, this was supposed to be a short story, probably without any follow-up. But writing can be an inspiration in itself and when one starts to write we can start to see the follow-up we didn't see before.
The story is growing, it already cannot be considered a short story. It's on its way to become a book, it will very likely be a book.
Still, much is yet to be defined, the story course is still uncertain and even the title is still not decided!
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